SUNN: Sustainability United For Nurturing Nature

What is SUNN DAO

Through a vertically integrated system and regenerative methods, we are disrupting the outdated supply chain of food, waste, and energy, through the creation of a sustainable DAO, allowing for a brighter and more beautiful world with SUNN: LIGHT THE FUTURE

SUNN will help reduce 3 out of 4 of the top global greenhouse gas emissions through our innovative initiatives, fueled by partnerships and environmentally social governed NFTs.

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NFT To HOU Conference

Deploying decentralized knowledge and boundless creativity presented by SUNN DAO, NFT to HOU is an intersection of the Web3 world, initiating innovation and collaborations set within the backdrop of Houston’s effervescent tech and creative community.

This inaugural conference is to support SUNN Nonprofit and to build microgrids post conference in collaboration with the local community and the businesses and attendees who support our mission. Additional conferences will occur as SUNN expands into new cities and locations.

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Felipe Lopez


Meghan Hendley-Lopez


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